Are you tired of spinning your wheels in real estate?
Have you been buying different programs, hiring different coaches, door knocking, cold calling and trying anything you can think of to get your business off the ground with little to no success?
Are you tired of feeling like a failure when you KNOW for sure there is so much potential to do it really BIG in real estate?
Are you ready to start being the Realtor you had envisioned when you signed on to your first brokerage? 

If any of that resonates then you are in the right place!

I am not talking about using another expired script or FSBO program here.
I am talking about something I found over 25 years ago. I am talking about the strategies, processes and concepts that literally CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE. Because I wasn’t supposed to make it. I wasn’t supposed to thrive. But I have in so many ways. And I want to share with you the knowledge and processes I have been working to perfect over the last 26 years that have produced PROVEN RESULTS time after time. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re struggling to find consistent business or any business at all
  • You’re busting your ass, day in and day out but are nowhere close to getting the results you’d like
  • You’re attracting clients who are running you ragged with no real results at the end of your hard work for them?
  • You’re missing baseball games, school plays and normal dinner times with your kids
  • Not only are you short on the money you thought you’d be making, but you don’t have time either and it really frustrates you!

Maybe you feel like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing in your business. You’ve invested in courses, coaches, watched endless webinars and listened to podcasts, but the dots just aren’t connecting. Your crazy schedule and your bank account balances are proof.  

What I’m going to share with you, once learned correctly, will set you up for a lifetime of success (both monetarily and more importantly, with your precious TIME and ENERGY) and you will never again feel the need to:

X Buy another product or shiny object out sheer desperation

X Follow another guru trying to cram their program into your head

X Try to build your life from the outside in



Yes, you still need to hustle


(sorry, if you were thinking you’d get to ‘Netflix and chill’ all day and still have your dreams magically appear).

The hustle we’re talking about HERE is very different than the hustle that you’re used to. You know, appointments upon appointments, long hours with minimal results, continuing to throw shit against the wall hoping something sticks. Enough already!

I knew real estate was an avenue that could give me everything I wanted if I let it. While my son was at home I used LOA to create the business I needed and wanted then. One that allowed me to be present for him. Once he got that football scholarship he had worked so hard for and was off to college it was my chance to kick it into high gear and really level up my business.

In that following year I:


  • Created a video for real estate that went viral and brought me MILLIONS in CLOSED business
  • Had a 50k month in actual, in my pocket, commission
  • Tripled my income and earned a production award
  • I STILL made it to every home football game my son played
  • And the kicker….I created a life and business that actually FELT good!

Why Doesn’t Everyone Know How To Do This?


As tiny kids, we learn that the way to get what you want in life is to work really hard, get the grades, bust your ass, go to college… work, work, work. So naturally, when things aren’t panning out the way you’d been promised they would, you get frustrated, down on yourself and generally depressed about life.


Frankly, you feel like a loser which gives you the opposite of what you want, according to the Law of Attraction.

But it’s really not your fault. You did what you were taught to do. You bought into the system that parents, teachers, professors and bosses told you to follow your whole damned life. We’re taught to underestimate what we can have and to think SMALL so that we’re not disappointed when we don’t get what we want:


  • “Be realistic”
  • “Don’t get your hopes up”
  • “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”

Sound familiar?


See, you only get your dreams to the extent that you believe them. 

Like, REALLY BELIEVE that you can have all of the things that you desire. 

And we’re taught not to believe them. Not really anyway.

So what if you changed your decades-old, lack centered programming? What would change in your business? What would change in your life?



Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up to:

• New clients that just fell into your lap without you having to chase them down?
• An unexpected referral of an ideal customer from someone that you don’t even know?
• Answering your phone to a new partnership that you hadn’t even thought of… they just called you, right out of the friggin’ blue?
• Your ideal clients dying to work with you?

 In this course you will:


  • Learn practical strategies to level up your energy so that you finally get into alignment with the things you really want
  • Release the need to be busy all the time and learn real secrets to productivity
  • Say “goodbye” to people pleasing and trying to fit into places that are not meant for you
  • Finally release the desire to buy another damn shiny object (that never work anyway)
  • Get a real understanding of law of attraction and how you can use it to create what you want
  • Release blocks that have been keeping you small or stuck in one way or another
  • Learn how to create a business (and life) on your terms
  • Get in tune with your intuition and use inspired action to grow your business



    Here’s the weekly line up:


    Module One – The real 411 on Law of Attraction

    How does this shit really work? We’re talking about the REAL truth about LOA, how it’s already working in your life and how you can hone your skills to make it like “WOW”. Are you ready to own your victory? How about your defeat? Here’s where I give you the REAL strategies, for real change, the moment you start applying them.


    Module Two – Creating a vision for your life that set your soul fire

     Let’s get clear about your vision. Seriously though, do you REALLY know what you want? Or are you all over the place like a rabid squirrel (like most people)? This is a deep dive into the vision of your life and what it REALLY looks like. Un-goal yourself and start stating your desires in a way that allows more of what you want to flow into your life quicker!


    Module Three – How to stop feeling like shit

    Setting standards is something that most of us could get better at. But not just physical standards…what about your energetic standards? Ever sat with that one person at a family reunion and just felt exhausted after 20 minutes of conversation? We call those energy vampires and they really do affect your energy. We’re talking about your new standards and how to create and manage them for quick change.


    Module Four –  Time to get out of your way so the good stuff can flow

    Remember we talked about what you were taught as a kid? Likely those are a huge part of your core beliefs. Your core beliefs run the show. We need to know them and know if they are serving you and what is really running your mental ship? What are the stories you are telling yourself? How do they get created and how do you change them? You’ve got the answers and I’m helping you pull them out and rearrange your belief systems to serve your highest good.


    Module Five – You don’t like your story? Rewrite that shit!

    Hi. I’m Rebecca and I’m a recovering people pleaser. Are you guilty? I would venture to say all of us are… even a little. Here we dive deep in the payoffs associated with people pleasing and how it’s a part of your story. Own your story. What is appropriate? What is too much? Owning your story will sky rocket your brand as a realtor and attract your tribe. 


    Aligned Bonus Bundle (Value – $397)


    For being a complete badass and a fellow Realtor I am giving away my  most popular real estate related program to give you instant access to creating NOW business using LOA and Facebook! I am also fast tracking you with a call and instant download that can change your life if you let it!

    • 1 hour clarity call with Rebecca, your LOA accomplice, to give you a jumpstart to your LOA journey
    • Instant download to my life changing mini workbook The Energetic Hustle (+ bonus video to explain it in detail)
    • Instant access to my best selling mini course – Create NOW Business with Facebook Video. This video breaks down the EXACT process I used to create a targeted video that got 40k views and generated 5 million in closed business.


    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty

    ALIGN for Realtors is a 5 week program delivered both live via Zoom calls once a week and via pre-recorded videos and worksheets. The modules are simple to follow and require no prior knowledge of the Law of Attraction because as soon as we start I give you the understanding you will need to get started right away.  Yes, you can be completely new and I will walk you through everything you need to know to get into Alignment and start building your dream life and business.

    Are you ready to create the business you really want? A business that is thriving and reeks of YOU?

    Modules and worksheets are released weekly on Sunday. Live calls will take place Thursdays at noon EST to go over questions so that you will always have support. If you can’t make it live, we will have recordings available for you.


    Align for Realtors


    I made this as painless as possible by offering two options to get into the program.

    One payment of $333 OR 2 payments of $167 (one to start and one 2 weeks later)

    A little about me...

    My name is Rebecca. I was gifted my first set of Law of Attraction cassette tapes (yes I’m that old lol) when I was just 19 years old. 6 years later my husband was arrested and later convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. I was left with a one year old a decision to make; Fold or Create. I decided to Create.

    When I got in real estate just a few years later, everyone thought I was crazy. No man, no other income in the house. What was I thinking? Well, I wrote my first million in 6 months. Then I decided homeschool my son which everyone thought was crazy too. How could I manage it all? But I knew something they didn’t. I knew Law of Attraction. 

    Those years were what I call ‘six figure soul years’. I was living EXACTLY what I wanted aside from still fighting to have my husband freed. I was making money, able to travel with my son and participate in his life exactly how I wanted. We were living the life and we were so happy.

    When my son got a full ride offer to play football in college I decided I was going to take my business to the next level. I did just that and within months had created a six figure real estate business then launched my coaching biz and a handful of courses which created my second six figure business.

    I wasn’t supposed to make it. My son wasn’t either. Statistics and society would have said it would most likely not happen. But Law of Attraction says you can be or do or have whatever you want. And I’m here to tell you it’s true! I am so excited to walk you step by step through the process I went through so you can apply it to your life and business too!


    xx Rebecca

    I’m not the only one who has seen massive change with the Law of Attraction and processes I teach to apply it in ALIGN for Realtors.

    Check out happy reviews below:

    Align is exactly what I needed at this point in my life and my career in Real Estate. I’ve spent so much time and money on trying different programs, each I tried to force myself to believe that they would work or it was the answer on how I was suppose to be successful. But that’s where I went wrong. That’s where a LOT of agents go wrong. Trying to force the outside to work so that the inside is content and satisfied. But it doesn’t work like that. Y’all. It’s about aligning your energy with what you want and then letting the Universe work it’s magic. It’s about getting sure in your shit and not letting anything or anyone tell you otherwise. It’s about working on the inside and then the outside will just come. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you for your insight, your realness, your humor and for the freedom I have embraced while taking your course

    Sarah Babros

    I would highly recommend Rebecca’s Align Course! Not only is she highly knowledgeable in LOA, she is able to simplify the process for a better understanding no matter what level of LOA you practice.  She provides the tools needed, as well as webinars and Q & A sessions which are very helpful with the learning process. She is charismatic, genuine, and very engaging!

    Honestly, It’s one of the best courses I have ever taken that’s helped me personally and professionally. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this course!….I promise it will be one of the best decisions made in your life. Thank you Rebecca for being you! I am grateful to be a part of your world!

    Sherry Mason

    In review of the Align for realtors course I would simply say I give it 10 out of 10. As you know by now I am easily distracted so starting and finishing a 5 week course that really held my interest and kept me motivated was very refreshing and rewarding. I like the fact that I could watch all the videos in a mod then go back and review them individually as I complete the accompanying work book. 
    Since completing the course I have experienced great results in my personal life as well as my business. I love the concept of staying in observer mode and constantly being aware of my self talk and energy. I know it sounds like a simple concept compared to all the valuable information I was given however that simple concept is a major factor in my success. I continue to practice all the principles you taught in the course and experience new positive results daily. I have had stagnant listings go under contract and acquired 2 new buyer clients in the couple weeks since Christmas that I attribute to the power of LOA because of this course.  Thank you so much for developing this course and providing so much life changing information. You have proven to me that if you put in the effort and ask nicely the universe does deliver.
    Mike Vanderpool

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this priceless information with me. I’ve searched for the answer for years on how to feel better. I can honestly say this information has not only saved my marriage but made it exciting again! My mental state is improving daily. I thought I was positive but realized I hadn’t connected all the dots. My bank account is also growing from applying all this information to my business as a Realtor. My whole life has been changed forever. Thanks a million. You are the best alignment guru ever.

    Dawn Loding

    Be Aligned Guarantee

    I know what you’re thinking… “But what if it doesn’t work for me”?

    I am 100% confident that if you do the work it will work. I am so confident that I am offering a  100% money back guarantee. If you come with an open mind, implement the strategies  and commit with a real desire to change, I guarantee you will leave with the power to create every single aspect of your life with the powerful tools that I’m sharing with you. Yes, your real estate business will change – but guess what? You can apply these same processes to EVERY AREA of your LIFE!


    Are you ready to create the life you really want?


    I have used Law of Attraction to turn my entire life and business around. I know for a fact you can do the same thing too! I am so excited to be able to teach you the exact strategies and techniques and concepts I used to take me from nothing to something then take that something even further.  See you inside!

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